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China Standard Long Life Good Service electric motor gear reducer speed reduction Planetary Gearbox wholesaler

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ZD Leader has a wide range of micro motor production lines in the industry, including DC Motor, AC Motor, Brushless Motor, Planetary Gear Motor, Drum Motor, Planetary Gearbox, RV Reducer and Harmonic Gearbox etc. Through technical innovation and customization, we help you create outstanding application systems and provide flexible solutions for various industrial automation situations.

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Our professional sales representive and technical team will choose the right model and transmission solutions for your usage depend on your specific parameters.

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Q: What’re your main products?
A: We currently produce Brushed Dc Motors, Brushed Dc Gear Motors, Planetary Dc Gear Motors, Brushless Dc Motors, Stepper motors, Ac Motors and High Precision Planetary Gear Box etc. You can check the specifications for above motors on our website and you can email us to recommend needed motors per your specification too.

Q: How to select a suitable motor?
A:If you have motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you have detailed specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, needed lifetime and noise level etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can recommend suitable motor per your request accordingly.

Q: Do you have a customized service for your standard motors?
A: Yes, we can customize per your request for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size/shape. If you need additional wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it too.

Q: Do you have an individual design service for motors?
A: Yes, we would like to design motors individually for our customers, but it may need some mold developing cost and design charge.

Q: What’s your lead time?
A: Generally speaking, our regular standard product will need 15-30days, a bit longer for customized products. But we are very flexible on the lead time, it will depend on the specific orders.

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Application: Motor
Layout: Cycloidal
Installation: Vertical Type
Step: Double-Step
Size: 32, 42, 52, 62,72mm
Manipulate Way: Forced Manipulation


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Benefits of a Planetary Gearbox With Output Shaft

The output shaft of a Planetary Gearbox connects to the driven wheels, while the input shaft comes from the engine. These gears are interlinked and create a wide range of gear reductions, which are necessary to get a vehicle rolling comfortably. Gear reductions are the place where the various “gears” are located. Here are some examples. They can help you determine what you need for your vehicle. You might also want to learn about planetary gears.

Planetary gearboxes

Modern cars are most likely equipped with planetary gearboxes. If you’re unsure if your vehicle uses planetary gears, you should first consult your car’s owner’s manual. If not, contact your dealership’s service department for more information. Otherwise, you can do a quick search on the internet to find out whether your car has a planetary gearbox. These gearboxes are generally more complex than ordinary gears. Additionally, they are equipped with more parts and require lubrication.
In addition to their low noise levels, planetary gearboxes are also remarkably efficient at transmission. These features make them ideal for applications requiring high torque and small footprints. Unfortunately, there are many different types of planetary gearboxes on the market, making it difficult to find the right one. The following article will give you some guidelines to help you choose the right planetary gearbox for your needs. Let’s take a look!

Planetary gears

A planetary gearbox has two main components: the sun gear (also known as the central or input) and the planet gears (also known as outer or peripheral). These gears are connected together by a carrier to the output shaft of the machine. In some applications, it is necessary to use a planetary gearbox with lubrication to prevent wear and tear. A planetary gearbox also has a small ring gear that helps hold the planet gears together.
The main advantage of a planetary gearbox is that it uses several teeth that engage at once, allowing for high-speed reduction with a small number of gears. Because the gears are relatively small, they have lower inertia than their larger counterparts. Planetary gearboxes are compact, which makes them popular for space-constrained applications. Because of their compact size and efficiency, planetary gearboxes are also commonly used in motor vehicles.

Planetary gearboxes with output shaft

For high-speed, dynamic applications, planetary gearbox units with output shaft provide the optimal solution. Thanks to their low inertia, these gearheads deliver superior performance in many industrial applications. Additionally, their wide range of variants allows users to select the perfect product for their application. This article examines some of the key benefits of planetary gearboxes with output shaft. Read on to learn more.
The planetary gearbox has two major components: a sun gear and planet gears. The sun gear is usually the input gear, while the planet gears are located at the outer edges of the system casing. Planet gears are held together by a carrier that is connected to the output shaft. Before choosing a particular gearbox for your application, make sure that you check the specific requirements and the environment to which the unit will be subjected.
A planetary gearbox has less stages of gears, and thus lower backlash compared to spur gearboxes. Backlash is lost motion that occurs when the teeth of the gears are out of perfect alignment. This problem is common in all gears, but is significantly less in planetary gearboxes. As such, planetary gearboxes are more efficient. They can also be customized according to the specific engine model and motor flange.

Planetary gearboxes with carrier

A planetary gearbox is a type of gearbox with three or more stages. They have a sun gear, which is usually the input gear, and planet gears, also called the outer gears. The carrier that connects the planet gears to the output shaft is called a ring gear. A planetary gearbox is generally designed to meet specific application and environmental requirements, but there are some factors to consider when choosing one.
The compact footprint of planetary gear sets results in high heat dissipation. This can be a problem in applications with sustained performance or high speeds. As a result, planetary gear sets often include lubricants, which present a cooling effect while also reducing noise and vibration. Some planetary gears even feature a carrier to make the installation process easier. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a planetary gear set.
Planetary gearboxes with carrier have several advantages over other types of gearboxes. Unlike conventional gearboxes, planetary gears have a common central shaft, and the tangential forces between the gears cancel out at the center of the ring gear. Because of this, planetary gearboxes are commonly used in input/output applications, and their compact size allows for a wide range of gear reductions. These gears can also produce higher torque density.

Planetary gearboxes with traction

Planetary gears are similar to the planetary system, in that each pinion rotates around a sun gear. The output of the planetary gear unit is lower than the drive rotation speed, but the torque is higher. As the number of planet gear wheels increases, so does the torque. Planetary gear systems contain three to four planet gears, and each is in constant mesh with the others. Power applied to any one member rotates the entire assembly.
Typical applications for planetary gear sets include high-precision motion control. In these applications, high torque, torsional stiffness, and low backlash are required. Planetary gear sets are also ideal for motors with higher speeds. A number of factors contribute to the reliability of these devices. The low backlash and large torque capacity of a planetary gear motor allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Planetary gearboxes with electric motors

If you’re in the market for a new gearbox, you may have already heard about planetary gearboxes. The planetary gearbox is a high-efficiency, low-noise gearbox. CZPT manufactures high-torque planetary gearboxes with low backlash. They also make economy planetary gearboxes for lower loads. However, with so many different types available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging.
These planetary gearboxes are a compact alternative to conventional pinion-and-gear reducers. They offer high-speed reduction and high torque transfer, and are often used for space-constrained applications. But before you can understand how they work, you’ll need to understand a little about their construction. There are a few things to look for that you may not have noticed before.
The most common type of planetary gearbox is a PM81/LN. It features a set of DC brush motors with diameter 77mm, a stator, and two or more outer gears. Each of these gears is connected to an output shaft through a carrier. They can also be used with brakes, encoders, or a clutch. A planetary gearbox is one of the most reliable gearbox types on the market.

Planetary gearboxes with hydraulic motors

A planetary gearbox is a combination of two gears, the sun and the planets. The sun gear rotates at high speed, while the planets roll around and orbit around the ring gear. The output shaft has the same direction of rotation as the input shaft. The benefits of a planetary gearbox include high reduction ratios, efficiency, space-saving compactness, and higher overload capacity. These gears are also more stable and compact, and they do not suffer from self-locking properties.
Planetary gearboxes are a highly efficient way to power hydraulic lifts. They can be input via electric, hydraulic, or air motors. The drive arrangement can be mounted on a bare shaft, splined shaft, or a parallel keyed input shaft. Depending on the application, bespoke gearboxes can be manufactured with a variety of features and functions.

Planetary gearboxes with combustion engines

There are many different applications of planetary gear sets. The most common is the distribution of power between two wheels in a car’s drive axle. Four-wheel drives use two axle differentials, which are further augmented by a centre differential. Hybrid electric vehicles use summation gearboxes to distribute power from the combustion engine to the wheels and to an electric motor. Planetary gear sets also combine the two different types of motors to form one hybrid vehicle.
To understand how planetary gear sets work, it is important to understand the underlying mechanical principles. For example, Fig. 4.6 shows a stick diagram illustrating two planetary gear sets connected by a lever. The two levers are the same length, so the system is analogous to a single lever. When calculating the torque, it is essential to consider the lever diagram. Similarly, if two gear sets are connected by vertical links, the horizontal links must be horizontal.

China Standard Long Life Good Service electric motor gear reducer speed reduction Planetary Gearbox   wholesaler China Standard Long Life Good Service electric motor gear reducer speed reduction Planetary Gearbox   wholesaler
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China Hot selling Planetary Gearbox Gear Box Reduction Housing Speed Reducer Epicyclic Motor Transmission Machine Hydraulic Best Price Unit Servo Gearbox Planetary Gearboxes planetary gearbox cost

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Planetary Gearbox gear box reduction gearbox speed reducer epicyclic motor transmission machine housing best price unit servo hydraulic Planetary Gearboxes 


Planetary Gearboxes is an old mechanics fundamental that is still being used for new leading innovative technology like 3D printing, and new methods of transport. The planetary gearbox is 1 in which the output and input shafts are aligned. Its basic function is to transfer the maximum amount of torque with the least amount of space. The gear system consists of a reduction state, an acceleration mode, and coupling. No 1 knows who invented the planetary gearbox, but it has been in use since the 15th century. The planetary gear gets its name from the way it looks while it functions. There is a sun gear in the middle attached to ring gears. As the sun gear rotates, it also moves the ring gears. The sun gears are called input shaft, whereas the carrier and ring gears are called output.

The planetary gearbox works in the ratios from 1.5:1 to 12000:1. In a 3:1 system, there are 3 ring gears and 1 sun gear and is called a one-stage planetary gearbox. In ratios of above 5:1, a two-stage planetary gearbox is used. In a 3:1 system, the sun gear is very big, compared to the ring gear, and in the 10:1 system, the sun gear is much smaller than the ring gears. The ratios are in absolute integers. The planetary gearbox system is very precisely placed together, but it still creates friction due to the moving parts inside – sun gear and ring gear. These need lubrication from time to time from oil, gel, or grease. This requirement is present in most moving mechanical machines.

To know what a planetary gearbox does? And it’s advantages? Check our blog here – 

There are many showcased benefits of using a gearbox like- three-fold torque compared to the normal gearbox, absolute ratios, low inertia, high efficiency, closed system, etc. The planetary gearbox has its applications in many places. It can be used to increase torque in a robot, to reduce speed in printing press rollers, for positioning, and in packaging machines to name a few.
Buying a gearbox depends on the planned use of the gearbox. There are a certain number of things to keep in mind like – torque, backlash, ratio, corrosion, resistance, noise level, delivery time, price, and availability. There might be other requirements that are different for each buyer.
A planetary gearbox is a medieval tool reincarnated in modern form. That itself says a lot about the usefulness and application of the device. It’s an efficient device for the work it performs and has stood the test of time, without getting obsolete.

Manufacturer of Planetary Gearbox, Planetary gear reducer, Planetary geared motor, Epicyclic gearing, Planetary gearing, Gearboxes, can interchange and replacement with CZPT gearbox, CZPT brown gearbox and so on.






Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Layout: Coaxial
Step: Four-Step
Output Torque: 14nm-2000nm
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What is a Planetary Gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is a mechanical device in which the teeth of a planet mesh with the teeth of its sun or ring. The number of teeth and the spacing of planets will determine whether the teeth mesh correctly. In this article, we will learn more about planetary gearboxes. Besides understanding their working, you can also learn how to design your own. Here are some examples:

planetary gearboxes

If your car has an automatic transmission, then a planetary gearbox is the type you have. It is possible to find out if you have this type of gearbox by consulting the owner’s manual, calling the service department of your car’s manufacturer, or conducting a search using your favorite search engine. However, planetary gears are more complex and have many more components than standard gearboxes. The following information will explain more about this type of gearbox.
Planetary gearboxes use three different gear types to transmit torque. The sun gear sits in the center of the gear assembly, while the other gears rotate around it. A carrier connects the two gears, and is designed to set the spacing between them. When the gears are rotated, the carrier will spin, enabling the entire assembly to work together. The carrier also incorporates the output shaft. For this gearbox to work effectively, it must meet the application’s requirements.
There are three main types of planetary gearboxes: the basic model is highly efficient and transmits 97% of the power input. The earliest models are not complex, but they do have some key differences. Some of these differences make them ideal for various applications. For example, a planetary gearbox can operate in alternating and continuous operation, with the output support having internal grooving. Some designs have more than one output shaft, allowing the user to choose the configuration and torque that is best for their application.
One of the main differences between a planetary gearbox and a conventional one is the way the planetary parts move. A planetary gearbox may have multiple axes for increased torque. A planetary gearbox can provide a torque up to 113,000 N.m. by rotating its maximum teeth simultaneously. They are the ideal choice for space-constrained applications. For instance, a car with small spaces can install one with ease.
A planetary gearbox’s gear ratio is determined by the ratio of the sun gear to the ring gear. The number of teeth on the sun gear is a way to adjust the gear ratio. Smaller sun gears result in larger planetary gear ratios, while larger ones cause a decrease in torque. The ratio between planetary gears ranges from 3:1 to 10:1, with the lowest ratio being three. The greatest possible ratio is 10:1.
A planetary gearbox has many benefits. The compact design makes them a more efficient choice for small motors and is advantageous for servo functions. Planetary gearboxes have low inertia, which is an important factor, especially in servo applications, since the inertia of the gearbox adds to the motor’s load inertia. The planetary gearboxes are typically lubricated with grease or oil, so you don’t need to worry about re-lubrication or maintenance.

planetary gearboxes with output shaft

The advantages of planetary gearboxes are numerous. They are widely used in many applications, from automobiles to medical equipment, goods & personnel lifts to machine tools. They are also used in derrick & dockyard cranes and slewing drives. These gearboxes are available in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small to extremely large. There are many different types, and each is designed to suit its intended use.
The LP generation 3 gearhead series combines maximum quality with economic precision in a low-backlash planetary gearbox. The output shaft version is especially suited for high-speed, highly dynamic cyclic operation. Another version is the SP+ HIGH SPEED. The SP+ high-speed version is designed to achieve maximum speeds while in continuous operation. If you need a planetary gearbox with an output shaft, look no further. It is the best choice for many applications.
As the name suggests, a planetary gearbox incorporates planetary parts and an output shaft. The outer gears (also called the planetary gears) are connected by a carrier to the output shaft. The carrier is then connected to the output shaft by a ring. There are two or more planetary gears inside the planetary gearbox. Each gear is connected to a carrier, which is connected to the output shaft.
An epicyclic planetary gear train can be assembled so that the planet gear rolls around the sun gear. In the wheel drive planetary gearbox, the planetary gears are grouped over the housing to optimize the size and weight of the system. The planetary gear train can handle torques as high as 332,000 N.m., with the ring gear being fixed while the sun gear is movable.
Another advantage of a planetary gearbox is that it uses many teeth at once. This allows for high speed reduction and high torque transmission, and it is extremely compact. Planetary gearboxes with output shaft are ideal for space-constrained applications. Their compact size and minimal weight make them a popular choice in many industries. They are also known as epicyclic gears and are used in many different types of machines.
A planetary gearbox can have three components. A central sun gear, an outer ring known as the inner gear, and an output shaft. These three components are linked by a carrier. The carrier rotates so that the input and output gears are in sync. They also have a standard gap between the gears. The carrier also acts as the output shaft. They can be used to create small machines, such as a bicycle acceleration hub.

planetary gearboxes with integer number of teeth

When designing a planetary gearbox, one must determine the amount of tooth count. This figure is known as the mesh load factor Kg, and is based on the normal tooth forces that are generated in each mesh. The number of planets, the error in the gear design, and the rigidity of the housing all affect Kg. Depending on the type of application, Kg can be calculated by using different standards.
In a typical planetary gearbox, the ratio is an integer number, and the lowest is 3:1. At a ratio of 10, the sun gear is too large and the sun wheel is too low to provide a sufficient amount of torque. In most cases, the ratio is an integer value, and the teeth are evenly spaced. The gear mesh is then balanced to grade 2. The carrier is measured three-dimensionally to detect the accuracy of the planet pin hole in the carrier.
In the simplest case, each planetary gear mesh produces a dynamic signal at its mesh frequency. These signals can cancel or reinforce in various ways. A helix angle, however, introduces axial forces into the gear mesh, which can be cancelled or reinforced in the same way as torques. As the helix angle is an integer number, this planetary gear model does not necessarily require infinite precision.
The resulting motion period is measured in rotational angles. This figure can be used to determine fault diagnosis and calculate the minimum data length required. It can also be used to calculate the kinematic motion of a faulty planet gear tooth. It is important to note that fault-mesh motion is not instantaneous, and therefore, it requires a sufficient amount of time to fully mesh a faulty planet gear.
The load-share factor is similar to that of spur and helical gearboxes, and can be used to calculate dynamic load sharing. When the load share factor is low, the individual gear meshes are slightly loaded. Deflections can vary, especially with high-precision gears. Therefore, the design process should incorporate the tolerance chain. This will ensure the correct ratio of gear mesh.
A planetary gearbox is a type of planetary gear system that is used in motors. It has a sun gear at the center and a set of outer gears. Each gear turns according to its axis around the sun. They are interconnected by a ring component and are connected to each other through a carrier. The carrier also includes the output shaft. And since the sun gear is centered, the mesh is standard.
As an added benefit, planetary gearboxes have sliding surfaces, which reduce noise and vibration. Despite the high-quality of planetary gearboxes, it is important to properly lubricate them to avoid wear and tear. CZPT uses CZPT. In order to make the planetary gearboxes last a long time, the lubricant is usually incorporated in the planetary gearbox.

China Hot selling Planetary Gearbox Gear Box Reduction Housing Speed Reducer Epicyclic Motor Transmission Machine Hydraulic Best Price Unit Servo Gearbox Planetary Gearboxes   planetary gearbox costChina Hot selling Planetary Gearbox Gear Box Reduction Housing Speed Reducer Epicyclic Motor Transmission Machine Hydraulic Best Price Unit Servo Gearbox Planetary Gearboxes   planetary gearbox cost
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China Helical Reduction Gear Motor Helical Reduction Unit with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

one&periodWide transmission rate&comma strong output torque
2&periodCompact mechanical structure&comma light weight&comma small volume&Good heat-dissipating
3&periodSmooth operation with lower noise or vibration
four&periodEasy mounting&comma free linking&comma high efficiency
Wide range of application&commaincluding light industry of food &beverage&comma Cement&comma
bundle&commaconstruction material&commachemicals and etc&time period

Technical information&colon

Product G3 
Single device versions G3FM –  3 stage motor reducer with flange 
G3LM – 3 section motor reducer with foot
 Power &period06—-1&period5KW 
 Single unit reduction ratio  5 &sol10&sol 15 &sol20 &sol25 &sol30 &sol40 &sol50 &sol60 &sol80 &sol100 &sol120 &sol160 &sol200
 Output torque  3&period0—1080N&periodM
 helical gear material  20CrMnTi with carburizing and quenching&periodThe hardness of floor is fifty six-62HRC with carbonized layer &period5-&period8mm

Following-sale services&colon
One particular year warranty&commasubject to correct procedure and set up&semifree technical support all the time&period of time



Lubrication is an essential element to boost the performance of worm equipment transmission. The worm gear action generates a good deal of heat, which decreases performance. The electricity sent at a presented temperature boosts with the transmission performance. Correct lubrication decreases friction and heat, which boosts performance.
China Helical Reduction Gear Motor Helical Reduction Unit with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Newgear Planetary Gearbox Right Angle Spur Helical Gear Reduction Speed Reducer for Servo Motor with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Newgear Planetary Gearbox Correct CZPT le Spur CZPT cal Equipment Reduction CZPT Reducer For Servo CZPT

Planetary gearbox is a type of reducer with extensive versatility. The inner equipment adopts lower carbon alloy steel carburizing quenching and grinding or nitriding approach. Planetary gearbox has the traits of tiny composition size, big output torque, higher velocity ratio, high effectiveness, risk-free and dependable overall performance, and so on. The interior gear of the planetary gearbox can be divided into spur gear and CZPT cal gear. CZPT ers can pick the proper precision reducer according to the wants of the software.

Solution Parameters

one.Built-in construction,high precision,higher rigidity
2.Double help cage earth CZPT composition,high trustworthiness, suitable for substantial-pace and regular forward and reverse rotation
3.With axial clearance adjustment purpose
four.Keyway can be opened in the drive shaft
5.The composition is scientific and can bear increased axial and radial forces
6.Helical transmission,generate far more stable and carry ability better
seven.Lower backlash,far more precise positioning
8.Double assistance scenario earth CZPT framework,high trustworthy,suitable for high-velocity repeated and reverse rotation
nine.Straight Spur transmission,single cantilever structurer,layout easy,higher value performance
10.secure procedure and minimal sound

Connected Merchandise

Organization Profile

Newgear(China) get German precision planetary equipment design and producing technologies,Production of substantial rigidity, small backlash, low sound, secure transmission, dependable and tough planetary reducer,broadly employed in CZPT fields.
Newgear(China) has a complete planetary equipment reducer manufacturing chain .

Packaging & CZPT

As the most compact tiny precision equipment technique, worm gear sets provide substantial reduction ratios in a really modest place. Worm gear sets transmit movement in between disjoint right-angle shafts and provide the quietest, smoothest operating procedure of any equipment sort.
China Newgear Planetary Gearbox Right Angle Spur Helical Gear Reduction Speed Reducer for Servo Motor with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Low Noise24V120W150W 72mm DC Brushless Motor with Planetary Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

BGBL72 DC Brushless CZPT  
Environmental Situations -20ºC~50ºC
Insulation Clase B
Safety course IP40
Sounds ≤65dB
Amount of Poles/ phases 3
Lifespan >5000h

Electrical Technical specs
Voltage   Electrical power Speed Torque  Current    Speed    Current    Torque   Current 
V W rpm N.m A rpm A   N.m   A  
BG72BL24120 24 one hundred twenty 3000 .382 six.6 4000 one    1.146   19.8
BG72BL24150 24 one hundred fifty 3000 .478 8.five 4000 one.1 1.434 twenty five.five
We can also CZPT ize goods according to CZPT er demands.

 Planetary Equipment CZPT CZPT nical Info-BG
Ratio 3.65 five.36  6.55  eight.63 13.53  eighteen.92 24.sixty five 28.05 33.ninety two 44.sixty nine 58.22 67.08 81.eleven
Output shaft pace(rpm) 822 560 458 348 222 159 122 107 88 sixty seven fifty two forty five 37
Allowable torque(N.m) one.twenty five one.eighty four 2.25 two.ninety seven four.19 five.85 seven.sixty three eight.sixty eight ten.five thirteen.eighty three 18.01 eighteen.71 22.62
Reduction stage one 1 one one two two two two 2 two 2 three three


Set up in 1994, HangZhou BG CZPT Manufacturing facility is a expert manufacturer of brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, planetary equipment motors, CZPT motors, CZPT motors and AC motors. We have a plant area of 6000 square meters, multiple patent certificates, and we have the unbiased style and improvement capabilities and robust complex drive, with an yearly output of a lot more than 1 million models. Considering that the beginning of its establishment, BG motor has centered on the total remedy of motors. We manufacture and design and style motors, offer expert CZPT ized solutions, reply speedily to CZPT er wants, and actively aid CZPT ers to solve troubles. Our motor products are exported to 20 nations around the world, such as the CZPT States, Germany, CZPT , the CZPT CZPT dom, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea and many others.
Our founder, Mr. CZPT , has far more than forty many years of encounter in motor technological innovation, and CZPT other engineers also have a lot more than 15 many years of expertise, and sixty% of CZPT staff have much more than ten many years of experience, and we can guarantee you that the quality of CZPT motors is prime notch.
The items cover AGV, underwater robots, robots, stitching device industry, automobiles, healthcare products, automated doorways, lifting products, industrial tools and have a wide selection of apps.
We attempt for excellence in the good quality of every item, and we are only a little and refined producer.
Our eyesight: CZPT the planet ahead and make lifestyle better!

Q:1.What sort of motors can you supply?

A:At existing, we largely make brushless DC motors, brush DC motors, AC motors, CZPT CZPT s the CZPT of the motor is less than 5000W, and the diameter of the motor is not a lot more than 200mm

Q:2.Can you send me a price tag record?

A:For all of CZPT motors, they are CZPT ized dependent on various requirements like lifetime, sounds,voltage,and shaft and so forth. The price also varies in accordance to annual quantity. So it really is really tough for us to provide a cost list. If you can share your in depth needs and annual amount, we will see what supply we can provide.

Q:3.Can l get some samples?

A:It is dependent. If only a few samples for personalized use or alternative, I am afraid it will be challenging for us to give due to the fact all of CZPT motors are CZPT produced and no stock CZPT if there are no further requirements. If just sample tests just before the official order and CZPT MOQ,price tag and other conditions are satisfactory,we might enjoy to offer samples.

This autumn:Can you provide CZPT or ODM support?

A:Of course,OEM and ODM are equally CZPT , we have the specialist R&D dept which can provide professional remedies for you.

Q5:Can l check out your factory prior to we spot an buy?

A:welcome to go to CZPT factory,dress in each and every pleased if we have the chance to know every other more.

Q:6.What is the guide time for a normal purchase?

A:For orders, the standard guide time is 15-twenty days and this time can be shorter or CZPT er based mostly on the different model,time period and quantity.

Ep’s solution range only consists of bronze worm gears. The purpose is basic, bronze guarantees the very best sliding and dry managing homes compared to other materials. The aluminium content material also assures high chemical resistance. Worm gears are perfect for continuous procedure at substantial velocity and torque.
China Low Noise24V120W150W 72mm DC Brushless Motor with Planetary Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Gear Shift Cycle for 21 Speed Motorcycle Fixed Helical Box Cutting Machines Planetary Reducer Smart Watch Electric Motor with Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

 Gear Shift Cycle for 21 CZPT CZPT cycle Fastened CZPT cal Box Reducing CZPT s Planetary Reducer  Smart Look at CZPT ctric CZPT with Reduction

The recommended resources for the worm are hardened metal and bronze for the worm gear. However, relying on the software, unhardened steel worms can run adequately and much more economically on solid iron worm gears rated at 50%. In addition to metal and hardened metal, worms are available in stainless metal, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are obtainable in metal, hardened metal, stainless metal, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).
China Gear Shift Cycle for 21 Speed Motorcycle Fixed Helical Box Cutting Machines Planetary Reducer Smart Watch Electric Motor with Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Src02 Helical Gear Combined Motor Helical Gear Prices Helical Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Attributes for SRC CZPT cal gearboxes reducers,

one.More substantial output torque,stable transmission with reduced sound,

2.Ommibearing set up CZPT ,

three.Aluminium alloy diecast,

4.Customising CZPT for flange or shaft

Essential information for SRC CZPT cal gear speed reducers, 


Enter coupling Flange and shaft
Output coupling Flange and shaft
Foot mounted  Available for Motovario and CZPT foot mounted specs. The letter,B in the knowledge sheet of foot code is for CZPT and M for Motovario
 Range of reduction ratios  3.74—51.30
 Motor CZPT coupled  0.twelve—4KW

1.Flange coupled,shaft output,with foot mounted,marked as SRC…P


2.Shaft coupled and output,with foot mounted,marked as SRC…HS


3.Flange coupled,shaft output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCZ…P


4.Shaft coupled and output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCZ…HS


5.Flange coupled and output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCF…P


six.Shaft coupled,flange output,no foot mounted,marked as SRCF…HS




As the most compact tiny precision equipment technique, worm gear sets provide high reduction ratios in a quite small room. Worm equipment sets transmit movement amongst disjoint right-angle shafts and give the quietest, smoothest operating procedure of any equipment variety.
China Src02 Helical Gear Combined Motor Helical Gear Prices Helical Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Loader Planetary Gear Scuba Auto Transmission Steering Head Savage Winter Workout Ring Motorcycle Electric Motor with Reduction Camping Accessories with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Loader planetary gear scuba vehicle transmission steering head savage winter exercise ring motorcycle electric powered motor with reduction tenting components

The equipment ratio of the worm gear established is established by dividing the variety of enamel of the equipment by the variety of threads. Consequently, single thread yields larger ratios than multithreading. All ep worm gear bushings have still left or proper thread. ep worm gear sets are accessible in solitary, double, triple and quadruple threads.
China Loader Planetary Gear Scuba Auto Transmission Steering Head Savage Winter Workout Ring Motorcycle Electric Motor with Reduction Camping Accessories with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Speed Reducer Motor Gearbox Speed Reducer Agricultural and Industrial Planetary Helical Gear Drive Jack Worm Bevel High Quanlity Manufacturer Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

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Pace Reducer CZPT Gearbox CZPT Reducer Agricultural and CZPT Planetary CZPT cal Gear CZPT Jack Worm Bevel CZPT CZPT lity CZPT r Gear Reduction

Safety PROVISIONS: Worm drives must not be utilised as a locking mechanism to safe heavy objects, which may cause harm or injury for the duration of reverse action. In non-probably dangerous applications, self-locking is necessary to stop reverse rotation, and then a reduced-pitch single-threaded worm is utilised to automatically lock the worm gear to stop reverse rotation.
China Speed Reducer Motor Gearbox Speed Reducer Agricultural and Industrial Planetary Helical Gear Drive Jack Worm Bevel High Quanlity Manufacturer Gear Reduction with ce certificate top quality Good price

China NEMA 17 High Torque Gear Stepper Reduction Geared Motor with Planetary Gearbox with ce certificate top quality Good price

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I.CH-Hybrid Stepper Planetary Equipment CZPT

• CZPT r Element Number: HP421 
• CZPT Type: Planetary Gearbox Stepper CZPT Bipolar 4 Wires 2 Phase 
• Body Dimensions: 42x42mm Geared Stepper CZPT Nema 17 Mounting 
• Phase CZPT le: 1.8deg 
• Gearbox Effectiveness: 66%—ninety% 
• Software: CZPT Products CZPT
• HP421-1 42MM
• Stepper CZPT el: 1.eight


Motor CZPT ctrical Specification:

Collection Design Stage CZPT le ( o ) L
Rated Existing (A) Phase
Inductance  (mH)
Keeping Torque
Detent Torque (N.cm) Lead
Excess weight
( g)
HP421-01206 one.eight 28 .six 8 ten twelve 1.six four one hundred fifty
HP421-57117 1.8 34 one.seven one.two one.eight 28 1.six four 220
HP421-04013 one.eight forty 1.three 2.5 5. forty 2.two four 280
Other CZPT CZPT ctrical Specification make sure you refer to Hybrid Stepper CZPT net

Gearbox Specification:

Ratio three.71 5.18 14 19 27 fifty one seventy one 100 139 189 264 369
Reducer Sequence 1 2 3 4
( mm)
31. 40.one 49. 57.nine
Allowable Torque
12 20 32 40
Instantaneous Torque
36 60 96 120
90% 81% 73% 66%
60 85 95 110
We can manufacture goods in accordance to CZPT er’s demands

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We specialized in studying, creating and servicing electrical motors, gearbox and high precision gears with the small modules.

Following many years of advancement, we have an unbiased merchandise style and R&D crew, service group and specialist top quality handle staff.

What’s much more, we have two joint ventures. A single is situated in HangZhou, which makes hybrid stepper motor, precious linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake.

Yet another 1 is located in HangZhou, which generates DC gear motor. The factory has dozens of CNC machines and substantial precision examination equipment, implements the procedure management and computerized procedure in most creating method.

We also have two cooperation factories. One particular is producing AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other one particular is creating linear long lasting stepper motor, permanent stepper motors.

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The effectiveness of a worm gear transmission is dependent to a massive extent on the helix angle of the worm. Multi-threaded worms and gears with larger helix angles have verified to be twenty five% to 50% more productive than one-threaded worms. The sliding motion of the worm meshing with or meshing with the worm equipment final results in considerable friction and loss of efficiency in comparison to other sorts of gears. Enhance efficiency with hardened and ground worm switch bronze worm gears.
China NEMA 17 High Torque Gear Stepper Reduction Geared Motor with Planetary Gearbox with ce certificate top quality Good price