China Part 272200553 2BS315.30.3-9 Wheel Loader Gearbox Planetary Gear Carrier with ce certificate top quality Good price

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portion 27220571 2BS315.thirty.3-9 wheel loader gearbox planetary gear CZPT

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Thinking about the producers are consistently upgrading and strengthening their product, Elements with same portion no. may possibly differ from one distinct device to the other. consequently, we would like you to offer us pursuing details to keep away from undesirable errors.


Model   Solution MODEL 
SDLG   L916, L936, L946, L953, L955, L955F, L956, L968, and so forth
ER616, E635F, E655F, E660F, E665F, E675F, E690F, and so forth
XCMGLOADER   LW150FV, LW300FV, LW500KV, LW550FV, LW600, and so forth
XE15U, XE35U, XE55DA, EX75DA, etc
LIUGONG   816C, 835H, 850H, 856H, 860H, 870H, 890H, etc.
9035E, 913E, 920E, 933E, 936E, W915E, etc.
XGMA   LG816D, CDM836N, LG850N, LG855N, ZL50NC, CDM966
LG6016, LG6060D, LG6075, LG6225E,  LG6365E, etc.
SHXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.I   L36-C3, L53-C3, L58-C3, L66-C3, and so on.
SE60-9, SE75-9, SE135-9, SE470LG-9, and so on.
SEM   SEM618D, SEM632D, SEM655D, SEM656D, SEM660D, and so on.
SEM816, SEM816LGP, SEM822LGP, and many others.
And other brands’ spare component service, CZPT components and aftermarkets can be provided and are suggested.

Lubrication is an crucial factor to enhance the effectiveness of worm equipment transmission. The worm gear action generates a whole lot of warmth, which decreases efficiency. The electricity shipped at a provided temperature raises with the transmission efficiency. Correct lubrication minimizes friction and warmth, which increases effectiveness.
China Part 272200553 2BS315.30.3-9 Wheel Loader Gearbox Planetary Gear Carrier with ce certification prime high quality Excellent price