China NEMA 24 Brushless DC 3 Phase Planetary Gear with Brake and Encoder BLDC Servo Motor for Lifting Equipment for Robot with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description




General Specification
(Item) (Specification)
Winding kind Star
Corridor influence angle one hundred twenty one hundred twenty degree electrical angle
Shaft operate out .571mm
Radial play .02mm@450g
End play .08mm@450g
Max.radial power 115N @20mm form the flange
Max.axial drive 45N
Insulation class Course B
Dielectric power 500VDC for 1 moment
Insulation resistance 100MΩ Min.,500VDC


Electrical Specification
Specification Unit JK60BLS01 JK60BLS02 JK60BLS03 JK60BLS04
Quantity Of Section Stage 3
Variety Of Poles Poles 8
Rated Voltage VDC 48
Rated CZPT Rpm 3000
Rated Torque N.m .3 .6 .nine 1.2
Rated Recent Amps two.8 five.2 seven.five 9.five
Rated CZPT W 94 188 283 377
Peak Torque N.m .9 one.8 three.6
Peak Recent Amps 8.4 15.6 22.five 28.five
Back E.M.F V/Krpm twelve.1 twelve.6 12.four thirteen.three
Torque Continual N.m/A .116 .twelve .118 .127
Rotor Inertia Kg.c .24 .forty eight .seventy two .ninety six
Body Size mm seventy eight 99 a hundred and twenty 141
Bodyweight Kg .85 1.twenty five one.65 2.05
Sensor /Honeywell
Insulation Course B
Diploma of CZPT IP30
Storage Temperature -25~+70ºC
Functioning Temperature -15~+50ºC
Doing work Humidity 85% RH


Company Profile:

         HangZhou CZPT CO.,LTD (HangZhou CZPT gkong CZPT &Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd)is an ISO9001 Professional
maker. Was established in 2011 year. We are a skilled company in HangZhou city, CZPT . Generation Capability
exceeds a lot more than 1million motors per year.

            Our Organization provides a few key series of merchandise: Hybrid Stepper motors, Brushless Dc motor and Dc Brush motor.
We are usually continues build new kind models.We are also have several joint enterprise organizations who specialized in the
creation of AC servo motor, PM stepper motors, Spindlemotor and CZPT drivers. We export CZPT motors to much more than thirty
nations This kind of as CZPT States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and so on.

           Jkongmotor offered to main producing Organizations for Business of automation, health-related and health treatment gear,
3d printermachines, packing gadgets, Information CZPT nology, family equipment items. 
We have an CZPT team
with many a long time of expertise in software CZPT , design and style CZPT with the most current CZPT s products. Our
Engineering Workers provides the greatest top quality item with provider right after the solution is delivered to CZPT CZPT ers.

The drive factor is a worm. In purchase to merge the wheel/worm into a worm gear, it have to be ensured that the middle distance is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Centre distances are accessible from inventory in modest methods between 17mm and 80mm. Each center distance has multiple gear ratios. Ep worm gears are appropriate for the manufacturing of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Making use of a worm travel, quite massive reduction ratios (up to 100:1) can be accomplished.
China NEMA 24 Brushless DC 3 Section Planetary Equipment with Brake and Encoder BLDC Servo Motor for Lifting Gear for Robot with ce certification best high quality Good price