China Automobile Oil Pump Duplicate Planetary Transmission Gears with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

(1)Our Equipment varieties: Oil Pump Gear, Straight Teeth Equipment, Oblique Tooth Cylinder Equipment, Exterior Spur Equipment, CZPT cal Equipment, Inner Spur Equipment, Equipment Shaft and many others the standard and CZPT regular according to the drawings or samples.
Material : 45#, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 20CrMoti, 17CrNiMo6, 20CrMnTi or the other folks
Heat remedy: Medium frequency quenching, large frequency quenching, carburizing and quenching, nitriding, Carbon-Nitriding, Salt bath quenching.
Functioning Approach: Gearh hobbing, Gear shaving, Gear shaping, Gear grinding and so on
Precision Quality: GB5-8, JIS 1-4, AGMA 12-9, DIN 6-9
Application spot: CZPT gearbox, health-related tools, metallurgical equipment, port machinery, lifting gear, mining equipment, electrical CZPT gear, gentle business tools, environmental safety machinery.

(2)For instance, Regular ISO Chain No. of conveyor chains (conveyor chain for sugar machinery, conveyor chain for beer bottle lines, multiflex conveyor chain, conveyor chain for jelly machines, heavy-responsibility drag chains for conveyors)as under: (C208B, C208BL, C208A, C208AL, C210A, C210B, C210AL, C212A, C212AH, C212B, C216A, C216AH, C216B, C220A, C220AH, C220B, C224A, C224AH, C224B, C232AH)

The complete chains are with simplex/ duplex/ triplex
Materials: SS304, SS316L, 40Mn, forty five, 35CrMo, 42CrMo
1) CZPT quality, competitive price tag, CZPT lifestyle and anti-tiredness in the same design and content
2) CZPT ble provider and prompt supply in CZPT
three) Color: CZPT , Blue and Grey.

(3)Oour sprocket or chainwheel
the common and CZPT common in accordance to the drawings or samples.
Substance : C45,S235JR,Solid Steel or the other folks
1, Description: sprocket ,chainwheel
2, Types:
a) Regular sprocket
b) Finished bore sprocket
c) Taper bore sprocket
d) Double plate wheels
e) conveyor sprocket
3, Materials: C45 ,S235JR, Nylon
4 ,Surface area remedy: Zinc-plated ,black end
5, Single A-variety, double A-kind, Welding hub KB-type, Welding hub C-type etc for your reference.

The over represents some of the dimensions supplied. The other varieties of items can be considered CZPT .

You should feel free to speak to us if you have any interested.


Certain pitches and prospects of the worm do not permit the worm equipment to travel the worm. This is helpful when the software requirements to lock the output if the software is operating in the reverse direction. When the helix angle is considerably less than 5°, the worm is self-locking. When the helix angle is better than 10°, the worm can be driven again. Worm and worm gear assemblies must be mounted on vertical, non-intersecting shafts.
China Automobile Oil Pump Duplicate Planetary Transmission Gears with ce certificate top quality Good price